Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Five Week Field Trip to Portland

A year ago, at Christmas, we took a 5 week trip to Oregon. I didn't plan anything educational, because I was so caught up in preparing for the trip. However, when we got back home, I thought about all of the learning experiences that "just happened".

Here is what our family learned on our 5-week trip to Oregon:

  • Grandma taught us how to knit hats with a circular knitting loom.
  • Grandpa took my son downtown Portland on the commuter train to see city life.
  • Grandma took 2 of my daughters to a ceramic shop to paint and fire their own ceramics.
  • The kids learned about family life during the Depression while watching Season 2 of the Walton's as we traveled.
  • We got to see the great variety through out America as we drove through 14 states.
  • Grandpa took one of my daughters to a donut shop and she got to see the machines making the donuts.
  • We went to the Oregon Coast and looked at all the sea creatures living in the tidal pools.
  • My son read 6 books that he got for Christmas.
  • The kids played games that they got for Christmas: Dutch Blitz, Monopoly, Phonics Games, and Mille Borne.
  • My daughters worked on needlepoint and crocheted while traveling.
  • Grandpa took the kids to OMSI - The Hands On Science Museum
  • Made Christmas cards and ornaments and gave to people in rest areas and at toll booths.
  • We sent the knitted hats to orphans.
  • For P.E. - went roller-skating, swimming, practiced dancing, played on outdoor equipment at parks, and played on indoor equipment at restaurants.
  • Socialized with relatives, friends, and fellow travelers everyday.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great field trip with lots of learning and fun! I have a cousin in Oregon and we visited when he got married. It's a neat state!