Thursday, April 17, 2008

Homeschool Burnout

It's that time of year, when many homeschool families start to burn out. Spring fever is in the air and homeschool frustration sets in. Don't give up on homeschooling. You have options.

At the end of the year, some families switch from a structured homeschool method to Unschooling or an Eclectic Method. It is perfectly fine to switch your method or curriculum during the year, if you want to. You can even switch back next Fall.

Hear are some ideas that will hopefully keep you from Homeschool Burnout.

  • Go on Vacation - I've written posts about what our family has learned on our trips to New York City and Oregon. You can adapt some of the ideas for your own trip.
  • Get More Involved in Church - Church is a great place to learn. I made a list of Learning Experiences that my kids have had at church.
  • Participate in Real Life Learning - Every day there are real life experiences and events that our children can learn from. Here are many Real Life Learning Ideas to get you going.
  • Choose Your Own - You can make lists of learning ideas for each of the basic subjects and let your kids choose what they want to do each day. I have made a Choose Your Own Science List. I hope to make lists for the other basic subjects, too.