Friday, March 28, 2008

Real Life Science

It is surprising how much science we learn about everyday. I've noticed that my kids have a natural desire to learn about science, especially if it is hands-on.

Here are some real life ways to learn science:

  • Watch DVDs about science.
  • Go to a hand's on science museum.
  • Watch science shows and documentaries on TV.
  • Have science related hobbies like: electronic kits, rocketry, chemistry labs, science experiments, gardening, pets, solar projects, nature, and horticulture.
  • Join science and naturalist clubs.
  • Go to science camp.
  • Build projects that are science related.
  • Fix broken electronic items.
  • Invent
  • Read science magazines.
  • Read about science and scientists for fun.
  • Research about something you are interested in on the Internet.
  • Play online and board games that involve science.
  • Enter science fairs and competitions.
  • Go on nature walks and use field guides.
  • Join 4-H, FFA, or Scouts.
  • Volunteer or get a part-time job in a scientific field.
  • Improve your nutrition.
  • Audit a college science class.
Learn about science on field trips: planetarium, aquarium, hands-on science museum, botanical gardens, tour a nature preserve, hospital lab, scientific tour at a university, farm, nursery, orchard, arboretums, landfill, taxidermy shop, zoo, glass factory, bread factory, conservatory, Christmas tree farm, potato chip factory, dairy farm, electrical power plant, waste management and recycling center, worm farm, animal shelter, weather center, fish and wildlife area, Coast Guard station, water district, local mine, nature trail, duck pond, cheese factory, cabinet makers, the workplace of a homeschooling parent, tour a pet store, fish farm, dam, science camp, summer college day camp, cave tour, and lawn and garden show.


Marbel said...

Great ideas. Science is one of those subjects that kids can learn so easily on their own, if given the chance.