Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Unit Study


  • Write a story about Easter
  • Write an Easter play.
  • Write a letter to the Easter Bunny.
  • Write an interview with the Easter Bunny.
  • Write a poem or song about Easter or Spring.
  • What Easter means to me.
  • Write about the religious meaning of Easter.
  • Describe an activity that you are doing for Easter.
  • Write about your favorite Easter.
  • Describe the Easter Bunny.
  • What is Easter like at your home?
  • What would you ask the Easter Bunny?
  • Make up an Easter recipe. Write down the ingredients and directions.
  • Describe what you eat for Easter dinner.
  • Do you think Easter is too commercialized?
  • Write about your family's Easter traditions.
  • Easter alliterations print out

  • Compare prices and figure out the sale price of Easter candy.
  • Make up a math game using Easter advertisement inserts.
  • Circle items in a grocery store advertisement and then add the prices together.
  • Calculate how much is needed when making Easter decorations.
  • Measure and double recipes while baking for Easter.
  • Sort types of Easter candy and make a graph.
  • Sort candy into groups and multiply.
  • How many hours, minutes, or seconds until Easter?
  • Easter Themed Math Worksheets
  • Easter Egg Picture Graph 1
  • Easter Egg Bar Graph 2
  • Easter Bonnet Bar Graph
History and Geography:
Arts and Crafts:

22712: Easter & St. Patrick"s Day, Thematic UnitEaster & St. Patrick's Day, Thematic Unit
This book is literature based, cross-curricular, and ready to use. It provides activities, many of them hands-on, for all areas of the curriculum, including math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education, art, and music. It includes lesson plans, activities, worksheets, management ideas, and a bibliography. Books used with this unit are: "Leprechauns Never Lie" by Lorna Balian "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter. $8.49


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