Monday, July 7, 2008

Frugal Exercising Ideas - P.E.

It doesn’t take special P.E. curriculum or sport classes for your children to stay physically fit. Here are some frugal ways they can exercise:

  • Playground climbing equipment
  • Neighborhood softball games
  • Play group action games with friends
  • Swimming
  • Make an obstacle course
  • Do relay races.
  • Bike riding
  • Walking and running
  • Play tether ball at a school playground.
  • Jumprope and use hula hoops.
  • Watch dancing on TV and try to copy the moves.
  • Get tap dance and exercise DVDs from the library.
  • Shoot hoops at a nearby school playground.
  • Practice soccer or football
  • Church group activities and outings
  • community sports camp at a church (usually free)
  • Scouts or 4H hikes and sporting events
  • Gym day with your homeschool group
  • Participate in Awanas (they have group racing games)


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

when I first started home schooling (for the 2nd time) this year
I heard some home schoolers say how much harder it was to get their children exercised than at main stream school

I didnt believe it

thanks for posting this

My own home schooler LOVES his bike and at the moment has 2 paper runs
he also goes swimming once a week
has been known to dance to a dvd
He has his own basketball hoop
likes kicking a ball around and/or throwing it back and forth to me
goes to sea scouts

see easy

Danielle Says Hello said...

Since becoming a homeschooler, it has been difficult to incorporate 'exercise' into our day. It is extremely hot and humid here during the summer which pretty much leaves us only with swimming. However the pool is only open from 1-5 which is when our daily storm rolls in ;( I will have to figure something out...lately we have been just making her walk up and down the street a couple of times before dark ;)

Anonymous said...

Our boys are active all the time playing many sports, participating in church and community activities, going to the park, etc. I think that is so important, especially for boys!

Anonymous said...

Swimming is a great thing! Also bike riding! I took my 10 yr swimming yesterday and he fell asleep around 5:30. (Not usually normal for him. We had a pretty busy day) The swimming 'wore' him out.

Thanks for sharing the other tips. That's one of the areas I still constantly work on!!


Mary/Canadagirl said...

This is a GREAT list. It rememinded me that I am not doing so bad and a reminder of some things we can do inexpensively. Thank you for joining us again. I LOVE your pratical side to homeschooling.

Blessings in Him<><

Amy B said...

Great Ideas! Thanks for the reminder.

Amy B