Friday, May 23, 2008

Heart of the Matter - Outdoor Classrooms

Heart of the Matter Meme

Our snow has been gone for 25 days and we have been making the most of our Spring. I like taking some of the learning outdoors, because it is so hard for me to stay inside on these beautiful. It must be even harder for the kids.

Here are some of the educational things that we have been doing outdoors:

  • Nature Walks
  • Reading and doing workbooks outside
  • Collected frogspawn and watched the eggs turn into tiny tadpoles
  • Planted bush beans and lettuce in containers.
  • 2 days later - made an 18 square foot garden for more bush beans and lettuce. (I always talk myself into doing more.)
  • Planted flower gardens
  • Basketball, walking, bike riding, and playing for P.E.
  • Outdoor Experiment: Muddied Waters
  • Outdoor Experiment: Radishes and Soil Experiment
  • Green Hour Backyard Challenge: One Small Square
  • Green Hour Backyard Challenge: Nature Collection
  • Explored Mouse Homes (lifted sheets of plywood in the field and found mice nests, tunnels, live mice, chewed up pine cones)


Jen said...

Thanks for your comment, I will definitely check out those websites.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are making the most of the outdoors. We haven't gotten around to gardening yet, but hopefully someday we will try. Mostly the kids pull weeds!