Saturday, July 19, 2008

My High Schooler's Curriculum

Most of the learning materials that we use are eclectic. I've never stuck with just one curriculum program - until high school hit. My oldest child is in 10th grade and so I have him doing something different than the 4 younger kids. He is doing a full curriculum from Alpha Omega. I want him well prepared for college and I wanted a program that would do just that.

Alpha Omega is a complete, traditional homeschooling program in workbook form or on computer software.

Alpha Omega Curriculum:
  • has easy-to-follow instructions
  • has no lesson preparation
  • is self- paced
  • kids can work independently
  • is a complete curriculum with answer keys and electives
  • combines reading, exercises, projects, review, and tests
  • has colored work texts
  • is a Christian curriculum
You can see examples and chapter titles of the Alpha Omega lifepacs at


Danielle Says Hello said...

I absolutely love LIFEPAC!!! I started my daughter with grade seven at the beginning of summer. It really suits the educator in me yet it also provides many areas to go off in more 'undtraditional' tangents. I love it for the testing and the documentation (another educator quirk of mine....grin). It just works for us.

:)De said...

I love the Alphe Omega publicatins as well. We started with Lifepac, but when I had multiple students, changed to Switched On Schoolhouse. The grading feature is the best. Thanks for the info on the reading list... very helpful.


Letitia said...

We have found that the biggest needs for college are~
~Knowing how to write well
~knowing how to read and comprehend
~knowing how to study and learn
~knowing how to follow up and talk to the teacher if you don't understand
~being thorough
~of course, if you're following a math or science course, have the prerequisites in those
I can't remember if you said this was your first year to use this. I hope you all enjoy it. I would be interested to hear about it. We stayed eclectic with our older two, but not sure how we'll handle the younger ones.