Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Field Trip to Pennsylvania

Our family went to Pennsylvania to pick up our new Maremma sheep dogs. We also visited some educational sites along the way. This is what we learned on our trip:

  • Toured the Hershey Factory in Hershey, PA
  • Learned the history of Mr. And Mrs. Hershey's businesses
  • Drove through the Amish farm countryside
  • Saw buggies pulled by horses.
  • Ate Pennsylvania Dutch food, including Shoo-Fly PIe
  • At Home: Viewed Amish quilts online
  • At Home: Read questions and answers about the Amish people
  • Toured a Civil War museum in Gettysburg
  • Walked around a Gettysburg battlefield, memorial and cemetery
  • Met and talked with an artist drawing scenes of the Civil War
  • Stood where Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address and read it aloud
  • We were taught how to care for and train Maremma sheep dogs.
  • The kids played with baby goats.
  • Map skills
  • Socialization with many adults we met along the way.
  • Swimming in the hotel's pool, PE
  • Walked on paths at a farm and around the battlefield, PE


Danielle Says Hello said...

We're going to the pool today to get some PE in also!!!! I am a list person and I love how you help me understand that there is learning in everything we do with our kids. Thanks.

Mrs. C said...

Hershey factory sounds like a lot of fun!! :]