Sunday, April 27, 2008

Science Activities for the Past Week

This is the day that I list what my younger daughters (6, 8, and 11) did for Science during the past week. It helps me keep track of our progress in the Science area.

  • Went on a Nature Walk (We had many learning experiences on this particular walk.)
  • Watched Human Footprint on the National Geographic Channel (We learned about what we buy and consume in a lifetime makes an impact on Earth. It was neat to see all of the items piled up.)
  • Watched Modern Marvels: Harvesting Parts 1 and 2 on the History Channel (We learned about the historical and modern ways of harvesting a variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.)
  • Watched Unwrapped: Down South on the Food Network (showed how soda, potato chips, individual sweet potato pies, biscuits, shrimp gumbo, and ice cream are made in factories)


Anonymous said...

We do science all together too. That's a good idea to look back and see what you did the past week.

Danielle Says Thanks For The Giggles said...

Thanks for mentioning the Human Footprint!! I noticed we have it on NGO On Demand and I plan on watching this with Miss Sam when we eat lunch tomorrow.April has been our environment unit/science. We did a human footprint quiz online and found that if everyone did as we did we would need to have three planets!!! Needless to say we have begun to be a bit more 'green' and recycle a lot more around here - great homeschool lessons!!