Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Curriculum Money Traps

Many homeschooling parents overspend, buying curriculum for the wrong reasons.

Here are some of the Money Traps concerning homeschool curriculum.

  • Buying teacher guides for the younger grades
  • Buying all of the “required” quizzes, tests, and activity pages.
  • Buying from the company that claims they give the best education.
  • Buying "impressive" curriculum even though you know that it won’t compliment your child’s learning style
  • Buying what your homeschool friends think is the best curriculum
  • Buying all your curriculum from one company, even though you would rather have Math or Science from another company
  • Duplicating what the public school is doing so that you feel like you are homeschooling correctly
  • Sticking with the same boring curriculum, even though you want to dump it and switch to another company or way of homeschooling
  • Buying without really thinking about it, because it’s September and you’re panicked that you don’t have the kids school curriculum yet.

636950: Spectrum Math, 2007 Edition, Grade 5Spectrum Math
This is my favorite low-cost math curriculum. It contains approximately 165 math worksheets. It includes: instructions for each math fundamental, pre-tests, post-tests, an answer key. We do 1 page a day and if we need more practice then we do online math games or exercises. $8.49 each.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I responded to your comment at my blog.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Homeschooling doesn't have to be costly. We use our public library a lot and save money.

Stacy said...

My dd is in 7th now. If I had to do it all over again, I would get the thick workbooks at Sam's Club for at least the first 3 years. The only early readers I would get would be from the library: "My Sound Box" books.

Tina said...

You are so correct! We have had to be frugal for so long. I do sometimes long for something new but one look at the price sends me to borrow or do second hand stuff. I borrow and barter mostly. I had to laugh the other day. I got borrowed Alg 1/2 for my daughter only to find it was my oldest sons book from way back! And she had my book I forgot I had loaned her for my other daughter. A combined savings of 160.00! ( if I had to purchase new)

Mary said...

Yes, we have to be very careful and be very prayerful of what we buy.

Blessings and ((hugs))
In Him<><

Shani said...

Good Morning!

All of these are great considerations when purchasing your books for the next year, especially for newer home educating families! Very timely post - thanks for sharing!!

Have a lovely week~

Lynn (Eclectic Education) said...

Great list!!! I so agree with you. That is one of the things I enjoy about being "eclectic" is I choose what is best for my family, not a company.

Anonymous said...

I did get caught in some of these traps when we first started schooling. I needed it that way just until I gained more confidence in what I was doing.

Now I shop until I get the best bargain around!!

Thanks for the reminder. It's always nice to be reminded that it WILL work the way I'm doing it!

Amy B said...

Great points! I have been buying second hand all year; and managed to stay within my homeschool budget for the first time; and start the school year with everything I wanted for the first time ever!

Amy B

Shani said...

A couple of ideas for those wraps of yours:

1- throw them in the freezer until you need them (they keep very well there)

2- open and drain a can of black beans; meanwhile, in a medium frying pan, pour about a tablespoon of olive, and add diced onion and red bell pepper. After the onion goes transluscent, add the beans and a teaspoon of my homemade taco seasoning (see Tightwad Tuesday post from a couple of weeks back). Cook until heated through, soft-fry your tortillas (as posted today), then fill with beans and top with cheese, lettuce, tomato and salsa. Yum-yumm!!! My kids *love* this!

3- fill with tuna or chicken salad and top with cheese (optional) and lettuce, salt and pepper

4- make PB&J wraps

Just a few ideas to help you use them up!! They aren't just for refried beans anymore, LOL!!

Thanks for visiting!!
God Bless,