Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ideas for Summertime Learning

This is what Works for Me during the summer:

I like to keep my kids learning during the summer. It gives them something to do and keeps their brains active. Here are some ideas for summertime learning:

  • Learn to do something outdoorsy - like fish.
  • Go to a camp: outdoor, church, computer, science, drama, etc.
  • Visit educational sites while traveling.
  • Write in a journal and write letters while traveling.
  • Go camping and take along a nature activity book.
  • Real Aloud as a family.
  • Ride bikes, hike, and swim.
  • Explore a pond and do pond experiments and activities.
  • Kids help plan the trip and navigate with the map.
  • Get a job or volunteer - hand's on learning.
  • Go on a mission trip to a foreign county.
  • Take pictures with a digital camera.
  • Make an obstacle course in the back yard.
  • Plant a Garden
  • Go to music, food, and cultural festivals.
  • Go to the county fair and visit the animal barns, the historical pavilion, and other exhibits.
  • Join the Summer Reading Program at your library.
  • Read magazines in the shade of a tree.
  • Visit a national park.
  • Practice flower arranging with wild flowers or ones growing in your yard. Then draw a picture of your arrangement with colored pencils.
  • Start bird watching.
  • Stargaze and track the moon phases.
  • Look at tidal pools along the ocean.
  • Start a business.
  • Do solar or other science experiments and activities.
  • Put on a play in your backyard.
  • Learn to cook.
  • Learn to draw.
  • Listen to Adventures in Odyssey online.
  • Do the Kids Love Jesus website.
Do you have any more summertime learning ideas?

My Other Works for Me Wednesday Ideas:

5 comments: said...

:) re: my hubby

Unfortunately, I didn't always feel that way- but now that I see him through the eyes of God- I love him even more!

Danielle Says Hello said...

As always thanks for the great ideas!!! I intend to keep 'educating' during the summer months. An awesome opportunity came open last night when a member of our fishing club offered to introduce same to her horse and to teach her how to care for one (something Miss Sam had suggested she wanted to do over the summer). God blesses us immensely!

Ginny said...

This would go along with some of your things listed, I wrote about Nature Notebooks here

Anonymous said...

In the summertime we love to visit the parks, play ball, swim, and cook out. It's hard for us to stay motivated on schoolwork, but I feel the kids learn so much through everyday living.

Letitia said...

Marissa (11) is certainly keeping busy this summer. Of course, they all just got back from a week at their grandparents' on the lake. This week Marissa is taking a basket weaving course from a nationally known local art school. Next week it's acrylics, the next week VBS, then the next week we're back to the grandparents' house for a week. I'm just having to keep Daniella busy these 2 weeks while Marissa is gone. She's loving getting in an hour of Animal Planet every morning!
Ah, the humidity! I'm thinking maybe April or Sept/Oct might be good times to visit Charleston next time. : ) This was our only chance, and I have to say the humidity was definitely worth it.