Monday, June 30, 2008

Birdwatching Products

These 50 die-cut images exude the stunning, unmistakable colors of a whole flock of North American birds. Each 10.25" x 3.75" card features details about habitat, range, diet, nest, eggs, and conservation status, as well as appearance, habits, and even song pattern. $7.99

Look up 200 of the most common North American birds in this handy guide. Descriptions highlight color patterns, habitats, eating habits and special features to help distinguish look-alikes. Divided into sections for town, country and water birds, along with a section for less common birds, you'll be able to easily locate the bird you're looking for. 128 pages. $2.99

Learn all about birds with this fully illustrated, easy to follow nature guide. Includes sections that teach you how to make a birdhouse, track bird migration and also covers a wide range of different birds and offers detailed pictures of them. Recommended for children ages 7 to 11. $3.95


Danielle Says Hello said...

I'm not sure if I learned about this website from you but a few weeks back their freebie of the week was a pdf book on beginning birdwatching. I have downloaded a lot of awesome 'free' resources from them. Here is the link....although it may be you I got this site from (grin)