Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Frugal Art Supplies and Resources

Affordable Art Supplies

Here are ways to make Art affordable:

  • Use What You Have - Get a collection of throw away items that your kids can recycle and turn into art projects.
  • Library Books - Borrow arts and crafts books from the library
  • Crafts at Church - Younger children can do craft projects at church and Vacation Bible School.
  • Craft Kits and Supplies - Your children can ask for crafty items for Christmas and Birthday gifts.
  • Computer Art - They can use programs like Paint to create their own art and graphics on the computer.
  • Basic Art Supplies - Get your .10 glue, .20 crayons, markers, and colored pencils once a year at the Walmart back to school sale. My kids know that they can’t waste their art supplies, because they won’t get any more until the next yearly sale in August.

Art at the Library

You don't need to buy art resources when there are all of these free resources at a public library:
  • Craft Books: origami, using recycled items, paper crafts, Bible story Crafts, Holiday Ideas, puppets,
  • Books about: famous artists, historical crafts, cultural crafts, folk art, historical costumes, famous museums, careers in art
  • How to: paint, knit, draw, decorate cakes, sculpt, calligraphy, computer graphics, fashion design, home redecoration, pottery, make baskets, cartooning and doodling, rubber stamp, scrapbook
  • Coffee Table Books: paintings, photographs
  • DVDs: art history, how-to-paint, art related TV shows
  • Displays of local artwork in the library
  • Kids art and craft days at the library
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Stacy said...

Great tips! We also used our library for art classes when they offered them. Unfortunately, a lot of their funding got cut, and thus, so did the art classes.

Another tip for art -- I was interested in the Thomas Kinkaid art through Alpha & Omega. I was able to get it through the inter-library loan first so that I could browse before I bought.

Stacy said...

I plan to highlight your Homeschool Hi-Lights meme for my Wordless Wednesday post. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great list! We've also hosted Usborne Books parties to get free art books. When my boys were younger, I'd give them empty boxes which they would turn into art or musical instruments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some good and inspiring ideas! I'm going to have to make a note of some of these.

Have a lovely day!

Mary/Canadagirl said...

Yes, the yearly back to school sales are perfect for the stocking up times. I have to get better at getting into town for that !

Blessings in Him<><

Cody said...

A wonderful place for kids to display their artwork and enjot the drawings of other kids is