Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Doesn't Work for Me

The theme for this week's Works for Me Wednesday Meme is What Doesn't Work for Me.

Being relaxed to the point where I don't schedule daily things - doesn't work for me. I try to be flexible due to my husband's work schedule, but we have become too flexible. This year, I've had to set:

  • a bedtime
  • a pick up clutter time and chore time
  • a listen to Adventures in Odyssey time
  • a read aloud time
  • an individual help with school work time.
Things are going much better over here now that my kids know what to expect and when. I'm still thinking about whether I'm going to schedule a lunch and dinner time.

For homeschooling, using typical school text books with my kids - doesn't work for me. I'm not trying to bad mouth text books, it's just that I can't keep my kids interested in them. Plus, they don't seem to retain the information. This is what my grade school kids used this year:
My Other Works for Me Wednesday Ideas:


Smockity Frocks said...

How funny! I was just looking at yours when you commented on mine! We are starting our Managers Of Their Homes schedule tomorrow! Your post reminded me that I didn't schedule geography...DOH!

Southern Belle said...

Have you been to my blog? You might find some other resources to add to your list:

Southern Belle

homesweethomeschooler said...

I love this post! Yes, that is something that doesn't work for me either....

I need to schedule in the things I want my children to do AND tying it to an activity we already do, helps -

Heather said...

I did managers of their Homes for a time and it drove the whole family berserk. Schedules don't work for us.

ames said...

I love routines. I think everyone's a lot more comfortable when there's a routine to follow, even if it's a flexible one.

Mrs. Darling said...

My daughter loves the textbooks but we go through the grades stuff in scholastic books every year too. I use abeka science just as a skeleton for science to keep us on track but we do our own things.

I love this twist on WFMW.

Anonymous said...

We follow a flexible schedule too. The wake up, meal times, and bed times are fairly consistent, with the subject areas scheduled in between.

We generally don't use text books in our homeschooling either. We enjoy the flexibility of using materials that interest our kids and work for us.

Melanie said...

Hey, I'm totally with you on scheduling things throughout the day. I, too, have found there has got to be a schedule and expectations.