Friday, July 11, 2008

What Hasn't Worked for Me?

Heart of the Matter

Being relaxed to the point where I don't schedule daily things
- doesn't work for me. I try to be flexible due to my husband's work schedule, but we have become too flexible. This year, I've had to set:

  • a bedtime
  • a pick up clutter time and chore time
  • a listen to Adventures in Odyssey time
  • a Bible and devotional time
  • a read aloud time
  • an individual help with school work time
Things are going much better over here now that my kids know what to expect and when.

Using typical school text books with my kids - doesn't work for me. I'm not trying to bad mouth text books, it's just that I can't keep my kids interested in them. Plus, they don't seem to retain the information from text books. This is what my grade school kids used this year:


Danielle Says Hello said...

Oh I so agree. These are definitely the two things that don't work for me!!!!

Lisa (Morning Rose) said...

We follow a flexible schedule too, with anchor points like wake up, meal, and bed times. The academic areas are scheduled between the anchor points.

We also don't use textbooks in our homeschool. It seems the kids learn best from "real" books or from real life.

Yvonne said...

I need a bit of structure too. I keep a very lite schedule and it helps us stay on track. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your post!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing! We are schedule people too...things just go so much better!

Also we LOVE Adventures in Odyssey!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Anchor points in the day. That's good. Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

It's good to see everyone is different! I just posted that overscheduling did not work for me, and I needed to be flexible. Realizing the spectrum is broad, I will have to be careful not to become "too" flexible! Thanks for sharing.

christy said...

OOH! I LOVE this background!
Flexible schedules, definitely. I have swung back and froth between rigid and no-schedule. I am an all-or-nothing person. The Lord has led me to understand that He is a planner and He has order, therefore so should I. Only for me to remember that homeschooling is more about home than it is about school.

Mrs. C said...

What doesn't work for me is having a really loose schedule as well!

Rachel said...

Hello! I just found your blog by catching up on all of the HOTM memes, and I LOVE it! I just subscribed to get updates. I love your unit studies. . . We are in preschool here, and I love writing unit studies for Homeschoolshare. Looking at all of your advice and suggestions, it seems we have a lot in common and I am eager to follow your journey!

Thanks for sharing!